Sunday, July 16, 2006

I've been kinda lazy an busy so I havent updated my blog. But, my Little Dick Loser had me call his co-worker and tell her how pathetic and subby he is. LOL. It was actually very fun. Giggling on the phone w/ her telling her how he is a loser, he will do anything you TELL him to do, not ask but tell.. LOL. I cant wait to do it again. Then I talked to my loser yesterday and he said that he got a lap dance from a stripper and she couldnt feel him getting hard so she felt for his tiny weenie and couldnt feel it, the best part is she like announced it to everyone around. LOL, I would have loved to be there so I could have laughed my ass off to. Only if she knew how really small and pathetic he is.. LOL LOL LOL My loser is so funny, his little clit just makes me laugh. And my friends think its funny too. They laughed hysterically when they saw his pic of his little clitty. That poor man.. But I really dont feel sorry for him, I feel sorry for the ladies that meet him.. LOL...


Blogger August said...

That is so fucking funny. He has a little girl clitty. Its not a penis! HA HA HA !! He should definitely give you money for posting that pic! I would demand it Jen.

4:10 PM  

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