Monday, November 20, 2006

I had such a good weekend. It felt sooo good to go out and celebrate my birthday. With everything that has been going on it was nice to go out and blow some steam off. It was so much fun. Goin out with my girls, dancing, drinking a lil bit, it was great. Me and one of my girl friends even made out to win some free drinks for a local radio station that was there. We had a good ole time. My friends bf was a little jealous, you could tell, but I think he really didnt mind b/c who doesnt wanna see 2 HOT girls make out, plus he got free drinks. Im hoping this week goes better. My mom is getting better, I had a good wk.end, im a yr. older and I did a VERY naughty call earlier, things are getting better already.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rough Couple of days..

I've had a rough couple of days. My mom went into the hospital the other day, she had to have heart surgery. She is doing a little better now, but she still looks so exhausted and she really cant do much. :( So, pray for her everyone, please.


Other then that, I had an okay weekend and past couple of days. I havent really been up to much. A guy I used to date when I was younger is back in town, I saw him around a few times. And boy did he look GOOD!!!! Can't wait til we hook up again, I know we will too.


Now on another note, HA HA HA!! One of the "guys" and I use that term loosely, told me we are through and he wants his money back for a call he paid for, to have me call him at work and embarrass him to his co-workers. HE SHOULD HAVE PAID ME ALOT MORE TO TELL HIS VERY LITTLE SECRETS!!! PLEASE! Like i need your aggravation. NO ONE REALLY CARES THAT YOU ARE 2 INCHES AND CANT PLEASE A WOMAN. In fact, im a little relieved. Last time I called the girl said she was very uncomfortable and didnt want to talk. In a way, thats like sexual harrassment and he is the manager there so im sure if he upset one of the girls too much or embarrassed them, he could get into a lot of trouble. At least I dont have to worry about it anymore.


Anways, Im looking forward to things getting better this week and hoping that all will be well. Hope to take some naughty calls once I am able to have some alone time. Im off to bed now.. Nighty Nighty!! :: kisses ::

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

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Friday, November 03, 2006

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